This site was firstly set-up in 1994 prior the existance of LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and U-Tube.
At that time it was hard to tell the outside world who you really are and what you were capable to do or had done.
A great barrier was your superior manager or boss.
If he wanted to humiliate you, there where no means to give notice of your abilities to the 'outside world'.
The 'Products' of an engineer are:
  • knowledge,
  • experience and
  • service.
  • These products used to be very hard to sell.
    Engineers have never been good salesmen and I am no exception to that rule.
    With Internet however one can sell these products the engineering way.
    This site is an example of how it can be done.
    It was set-up in 1994 when my empoyer at that time was giving me a hard time and refused to accept my engineering qualities.
    This site was the turn-around and I was suddenly known outside the office walls.
    They did not liked that and tried to attack it in several ways. But they were not successfull.
    Since I left that *^%$#@ company I worked for much better companies with much better colleges.
    I kept the technical part as a teaser, but do not maintain it to the latest standards any more.
    My hobbies, trips, photographs and travels have filled the greater part of the site since my retirement.
    This site is split into several parts:
  • The non-technical parts are developed after the main purpose of this site was no longer necessary
  • One technical part is based on pictures: "the graphical part"
  • One technical part is based on text and formulas: "the theoretical part"