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Stoomwezen used to be the sole notified body in the Netherlands for the approval of pipelines and piping systems.

Stoomwezen was also the first notified body for the assessment of design, installation and safeguarding of pressure vessels and inspections thereof during manufacturing fase and periodic inspections in the netherlands.

Paul W.H. Voorhaar is an experienced pipe stress engineer.

He worked at Stoomwezen as an assessor for the approval of piping and pipeline systems according to D1101, D1200, NEN-3650 and NEN-3651.

The assessments of Stoomwezen comply with EN-45004 according The Dutch Council for Accreditation.

Pipe stress analysis and flexibility calculations are not always the same thing.

There are numerous technicians that call themselves a pipe stress analyst or pipe stress engineer just because they can solve some formulas as dictated by the codes or standards.