This calculation is applicable to design armour units between 0.75m3 and 20m3


Design wave height Hs [m]
Concrete density rconcrete [kg/m3]
Water density rwater [kg/m3]
Position on breakwater  
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Armour layer
Required armour unit volume V [m3]
Standard size:
  Armour unit volume V [m3]
  Armour unit height D [m]
  Armour unit weight W [t]
Thickness armour layer h [m]
Packing density   [units/100m2]
Advised placement grid Dx [m]
  Dy [m]
Concrete volume per m2   [m3/m2]
Porosity armour layer   [%]  
Under layer
Standard rock grading for under layer   [t]  
Thickness of under layer f [m]