Dutch Pipe Stress Engineers

This list of Dutch piping and pipeline stress engineers is a voluntary list.
It is compiled from data derived with a form attached to this page.

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First Name Last Name Since Company Personal Home page
Paul W.H.   1976 Bluewater Hoofddorp http://www.paulvoorhaar.nl
Jean   1990 AKconflex http://www.akconflex.nl
Ronnie   2000 Emergo Engineering http://www.emergo-engineering.nl/
Koos J.M.   1974 Jacobs Engineering Nederland http://home.quicknet.nl/qn/prive/jm.bakker
Hans   1970 Dynaflow Engineering http://www.dynaflowengineering.com
Erik, H.J   1997 Gastransport Services  
Hans J.M.   1980 Aker Kværner  
Ton   2000 Freelance  
Ronald, R.A.   1995 Fluor Daniël Haarlem  
Johnny B.   1989 Justifiable Basic Engineering BV  
Edo   2000 Stevens Engineering Emmen bv http://www.stevens.nl


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