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Stoomwezen design case  


Stress range according D1101 ( in Dutch )  


Equivalent Pressure and Flange Leakage calculator  


Computer calculation of Weldolet  

Example of an automatic generated small pipespec, including a weldolet calculation  

Example of an automatic generated pipespec  

Local stresses in a swivel outlet  

Local stresses by twisting of a circular ring (Timoshenko)  

Calculation of the springrate at the connection of inner and outer pipe of jacketed system  

Case study of the Stress Intensification Factor of a Bend  

Case study of the Bourdon effect in a Bend  

Case study of the Shear Stress distribution over the pipe circumference  

Wave loadings on an offshore riser  


Vortex generation in water waves  

Case study of wave loadings on an offshore pipeline  

Case study of Delta stretching of current flow velocity  

Stress Analysis of a "veldstrekking" according code NEN3650  

Soil spring calculation of a "veldstrekking" (in Dutch)  

Alternating yielding assessment of buried pipelines  

Shear stress analysis conform NEN3650 and ASME Section VIII  

Buried pipelines and code NEN3650  


Example of a complete pipe stress report using P10  

Verification of Expansion Joint in P10 version 4.0  

Example of a finite element calculation  


Fatigue calculation  


Fatigue comparison of Stoomwezen Rules with CEN  

Example of a fatigue calculation with P10 stress programme  

De achterkant van het gelijk  


Pipe supports according to NSS-12-D-4-07  


The Dutch Steam Decree 1953 and parts of D1101  


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