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To Calculate or
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Computer software generates calculations, but only true engineers and designers know how to handle these tools.
for pipe stress analysts with 15+ years experience



Prior to start up all hazardous and dangerous installations in the Netherlands had to be approved by Stoomwezen (in the past). Detached to Stoomwezen for a period of three years, I had to certify numerous calculations of fellow pipe stress analysts.

No person is the same, so it was very instructive to learn from the different approaches used by the various stress engineers to solve similar problems.
Although most quality systems are duly certified according to ISO 9001, this does not guarantee that the stress reports are complete or correct.
This arises to the idea to create a database of stress engineers who sent me end-documents. These stress engineers were qualified with a rating from 1 to 10.
However, the fact that a stress engineer has a high rating on my list, does not make him successful at his company. Sometimes even the opposite.
All too often a high rated stress engineer is outranked by a "smooth talking young colleague".
At this moment the best performers in the eyes of managers are not those who produce excellent work but those who make the most profit and who cause the least trouble.
This means that "good performers" are especially juniors with just enough knowledge to make the calculation. With the present "user friendly" programmes this surely means a decrease in safety.


The objective of this web-site is to form a platform for stress engineers with 15+ years of experience.

In the "hot issues and technical discussions" area we are dealing with up to date problems. That area is updated frequently.

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