Safety for men and environment

Some parts of the former Dutch Steam Decree 1953 as they were stipulated in Stoomwezen rules for pressure vessels RToD G0203.
(Now superseded by the European Pressure Equipment Directive.)

The licence for putting into operation of steam apparatus or vapour apparatus.
A licence for putting into operation of a steam apparatus or a vapour apparatus may be granted by the official designated pursuant to section 11, subsection 1, of the Dutch Steam Act only after it has been found that use under the desired working pressure and at the desired working temperature is to be considered permissible on the basis of the results of:

In the Steam Decree is not stated that pipelines or piping systems should be calculated. It states only that it should be assessed, tested and examined.

It is generaly accepted that the assessment by calculation is the best way to fullfill the Steam Decree, how ever it is not stated as such in there.
If in doubt than the best way to find out if a piping system requires
Stoomwezen approval is to contact them prior to spending a lot of money and effort.

If we notice D1101 of the Rules for pressure vessels we can determine the extent of the analysis and the method of analysis of a piping system required by Stoomwezen.

Paragraph 3 of D1101 states:

The above directives are approximate ones, and are intended primarily for surveyable laid-out piping systems. The final decision as to whether the assessment requires an analysis always rests with the competent body.

Method of analysis
Analysis is almost exclusively performed by calculation.
The method of analysis shall satisfy the following requirements: